Ramses group Ltd.
Our Mission
  For more then half a century, Client Satisfaction is our major target we are eager to realize by developing, innovating, upgrading, improving and supporting our services to insure a professional smooth operation.

We were exerting and extending all and every effort to support our clients, by leveraging the best of our services; we believe we can improve our full shipping solutions provided to our clients through the largest network of reliable and strong Freight Forwarding Agencies / Shipping Lines / Ship Owners, Operators and Managers Worldwide.

Our Vision
  Ramses Group as one of Egypt’s Shipping Thrusts makes sure that our clients’ interests are well served as we are not only their entrusted agents but also their Strategic Partners.  
Major Clients

Our Major Clients Worldwide / Our Group CV

  1. Steel / Cement Sector
  2. Electricity Sector
  3. Transportation and Tourism Sector
  4. Chemicals / Medical industries Sector
  5. Commercial Sector
  6. Plastic and Household Appliances
  7. Projects Sector
  8. Food Industries
  9. Phosphate & Fertilizers
  10. Textiles Sector
  11. Transit Cargo
  12. Papers & Bags Sector