Ramses group Ltd.
Our Mission
  For more then half a century, Client Satisfaction is our major target we are eager to realize by developing, innovating, upgrading, improving and supporting our services to insure a professional smooth operation.

We were exerting and extending all and every effort to support our clients, by leveraging the best of our services; we believe we can improve our full shipping solutions provided to our clients through the largest network of reliable and strong Freight Forwarding Agencies / Shipping Lines / Ship Owners, Operators and Managers Worldwide.

Our Vision
  Ramses Group as one of Egypt’s Shipping Thrusts makes sure that our clients’ interests are well served as we are not only their entrusted agents but also their Strategic Partners.  
Sea / Air Clearance
We offer the following clearance services at all ports and airports for all import, export, and transit cargo as well as all cargo types, containerized and conventional bulk at our local ports, cities and pick up locations with the ever best well trained and professional team we are able to execute the best clearance procedures avoiding delays, storages and demurrages.


Our different types of clearance systems are:

  • Final release
  • Draw back
  • Free zone
  • Exhibitions
  • Temporary release
  • Re Exportation
  • Transit
  • Dry ports
  • Managerial decisions no. 46 (under gantry crane)
  • Fixing & returning
  • Operating & returning
  • Supplemental industry & returning

Advantages and facilities provided by our clearance department to our clients:

  • Consigning customs guarantee and shipping guarantee care of the office at the shipping agencies and the customs authority to take a statement of drawing out and release the containers with its encompassed.
  • Submit to the ministry of agriculture to get the approval to release agricultural shipments or wood products processed with the international standard; otherwise we can do fumigation inside the port authority or out in our warehouses. Also we fulfill all other customs inspections as per each shipment's inquiries in / out Alexandria.
  • Implementing decision no. 46 for direct drawing from the ships to our different means of transportation to avoid paying for storage or any other maritime fees.
  • Paying maritime consignments and issuing the final shipping invoice then refunding with a cheque to our clients' name. Also paying customs consignments and preparing settlement plan then refunding them to our clients if any.
  • Applying the decisions of the international agreements (Arab countries / European / Commissa)  
  • Exempting import duties on imported shipments from Arab countries.
  • Reducing import duties on imported shipments from both European and African markets.
  • Objecting the applied Tariff clause / price from our part within submitting products to their reduced clauses without paying fees discrepancy on the higher clause as a consignment till on-site inspection or issuance of the health analysis results and also avoiding combining prices.
  • The ability of displaying customs guarantees letters to release imported shipments intended for the transit / free zones / exhibitions.
  •  Extracting application no. 126 for released shipments intended for fixing / operating / supplemental industries to use it in releasing when returning cargo.
  • Paying maritime discharging fees / warehouses and also yard / containers fees from our own account then releasing shipments till issuing our full invoice to our clients.
All the above services, facilities and advantages are only evidences; that the relation between your esteemed companies and our reliable offices is a key element to achieve only one target: "SUCCESS", and also they prove that Ramses Group for over fifty years has spared no effort to accomplish all the works committed to us without any customs or legal problems may damage the reputation of our valued clients or our own offices.

Despite, there are some clearance offices their target is only the competition lacking the experience or even the professional background of how dealing with big treasured companies; moreover they use non-owned means of transportation which can expose any cargo to either damage or loss.

Besides, these small offices do not have money power to fulfill their commitments with the shipping agencies and the customs warehouses which can delay releasing your imported shipments and causing penalties, storages and contraventions; increasing expenses on the imported shipments of your companies…